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Babel Pad to type Phoenician

By , May 14, 2009 8:03 pm

Babel Pad is a text editor that can display the Phoenician letters as you type them.

It is available for free download, and simple to use. It does not need even installation.

It is a very useful tool:

One Response to “Babel Pad to type Phoenician”

  1. Richard Bishop says:

    I have been looking for a set of Fonts for the Phoenician language for several years now. Some recent research with Wikipedia shows that a set of Fonts for Phoenician has been in existence since 2006. The text also said that the 29 characters for this language had been provided twice before in Microsoft Fonts: (1) Lucinda Sans Unicode in XP and (2) Arial Unicode MS in Microsoft Office. Seven auxiliary characters have been added to the basic 22 alphabetic characters — mostly to represent numbers:

    Here is another representation of the same 29 characters — exact copies positioned in a group of other Fonts but placed exactly where your keyboard program can find them:

    I checked my current C:\Windows\Font files but could not find any of this — in fact, you are limited by Charmap.exe to four-digit Unicodes while the 29 characters of Phoenician run in five-digits from U+10900 to U+1091F. Notwithstanding , it appears, once they are installed, that they can be used with the Keyboard just like any other Font.

    Their having been provided by Microsoft to the public for general use must have been a one-time deal. I have never owned Microsoft Office so I cannot comment on that issue. Lucinda Sans was provided in Version 3.0 back in the XP days (without the Phoenician characters). It, apparently, was modified to include Phoenician with a Version 3.6. Now it is in Version 5.0 (again without the Phoenician characters). You can still get Lucinda Sans Unicode to display using Charmap.exe but, while 27 Hebrew alphabetic characters are shown, there is no trace of Phoenician in the other 1,714 characters.

    Here now are other purported “Phoenician” Fonts that I possess from various sources. Some are not particularly easy on the eye. This also shows their relative Keyboard positions:

    q w e r t y u i o p
    a s d f g h j k l Times New Roman (26) Version 5.05 820 KB.
    z x c v b n m (Regular)

    Asdfghjkl Eshmoon (22) Micromedia Fontographer
    Zxcvbnm 4.1.5 12/04/96 20 KB.

    Phoinke (26) Micromedia Fontographer
     4.1 30/06/98 29 KB.

    asdfghjkl Moabite (18) Micromedia Fontographer
    zxcvbnm 4.1 05/07/95 10 KB.

    QWERTYuIOP Eshfont (18)
    ASDFGHJKLy 1.0 20/02/2012 16.2 KB

    Qwertyuio Zozo (25)
    asdfghjkl 1.0 09/10/2012 10.5 KB

    I think you can see what I mean ? While admittedly mostly authentic for their times, they don’t compare to the artistically stylized modern version. Besides, in each of the displayed Fonts, there has been considerable scribal “creative freedom” exercised when copying from the original documents. And, arguably, the results are just not in the same “class” as the courtly Unicode Phoenician.

    I have just downloaded a package of 22 Fonts entitled “The Ancient Semetic Fonts -0.06-1-WIN” authored by Yoram Gnat. Eight (8) of them were said to contain glyphs in the Phoenician Unicode range (10900-1091F). After installation, I found out that they look really nice (using Charmap.exe to display them), but, while making a point of interest in history, they will not type to the screen from the Keyboard . . . . meaning they are not indexed to the Keyboard and, therefore, do me no good. Even now, after downloading and un-zipping 719 KB of Fonts, the only Fonts that I can type to the screen from the Keyboard are the five Fonts shown above that I already had. Well, that source didn’t work out. Question: Did I install them incorrectly ?

    I have just downloaded a Font entitled: “MPH 2B Damase, 879 KB and installed it. Using Charmap.exe to display the characters, I still find no Phoenician in the 1,893 characters. [As I type this, I am using MPH 2B Damase — just how do I get any ancient characters out of the Font as I type ?]

    I only want one (1) Font with 29 characters in it. So, from what source can I download the Unicode block for Phoenician ( U+10900 through U+1091F) as a working Font within Windows 7 ?

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