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By , April 18, 2009 7:29 am

Important Note: Do not forget to download the MPH 2B Damase font to be able to see the Phoenician letters. For details on how to do that click here.

The Phoenician Keyboard:

Download the Phoenician keyboard on your computer to be able to use your keyboard to type in Phoenician. Follow the instructions below:


  1. Download the keyboard file ( right click and save as…)
  2. Unzip the zipped file
  3. Open the directory “Ph”
  4. Run the “setup” program
  5. Follow instructions
  6. You will see a language toolbar somewhere on your screen (bottom right), select “Phoen” to switch to the Phoenician keyboard, or you can also press left CTRL plus SHIFT to switch between keyboards.


For any comments on the Phoenician keyboard, please contact me and let me know.

This keyboard was developed by Maroun Kassab, so please give credit to the author when you use this keyboard. It is also a copyright material of Maroun Kassab and

Note: For the current time, not many programs support the Unicode plane 1 characters. As far as I know, Microsoft products still do not have full support for the fonts. You can see the characters on MS Word, but they type in the wrong direction. Maybe some localization is necessary, but I have not looked into that yet.


Keys Layout:

The online Phoenician keyboard: The online keyboard is designed to be used when you do not have access to the Phoenician keyboard that you could install on your computer, and type with. To download and install the Phoenician keyboard, check the section below. To access a stand alone version of the online Phoenician keyboard, Click Here.

8 Responses to “Keyboard”


    OK I now have it all thanks to you — except when I put a Windows on-screen (optional) Keyboard on the screen, and select the little Phoen language Bar, each key now comes up with a little empty box — I presume it is supposed to show what Phoenician Character is matched to the Key.
    I even have done this while the Eshmunazar inscription was also on the screen (to serve as a monitor on what Phoenician Font I am getting when I toggle among the three Fonts). I cannot get the Windows on-screen Keyboard to show the Phoenician. Is it possible, or is that not yet a “fix” ? But, it must have been fixed — otherwise the little boxes would not appear at all.


    Hoorah ! I have “knacked” it and now can see the Eshmunazar inscription at Wikipedia in the Fonts
    1. MPH 2B Damase it also shows English script correctly.
    2. Quivira — it also shows English script correctly.
    3. Aegean — the English script is a little weird.
    Thanks so much for your help.
    Richard Bishop, Munich, Germany.

  3. admin says:

    Are you using MAC instead of Windows by any chance?

  4. admin says:

    If you are getting empty boxes, your browser is not set up to show the Phoenician letters. I know it can be frustrating. Check these pages, they might help:

  5. admin says:


    At the top of this post, where it says “Download the Phoenician keyboard”, simply click on the word “download”.

    I hope this helps

  6. 𐤉‏𐤑‏𐤄‏𐤀‏𐤓‏𐤃Richard Bishop‏ says:

    (1)Your instructions say: To download and install the Phoenician keyboard, check the section below. I cannot find a box to check so I cannot download.
    (2)I have downloaded MPH 2B Damase and now have a Phoen on the language bar. While I can use it and type from my normal Keyboard, I cannot get the glyphs to appear (just error blocks) on the stand-alone Keyboard. What am I missing ? Richard Bishop.

  7. Richard Bishop says:

    I have followed your instructions to the letter:
    1. Downloaded and Installed MPH 2B Damase
    2. Downloaded and Installed Babel Pad Ph (works great-Thanks !)
    3. Downloaded and installed Mozilla Firefox.

    When I load Wikipedia Eshmunazar with Firefox and click on the Phoenician version of the inscription, I still get little error boxes with or without EN or Phoen language Bar.

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